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Grand Canyon Fishing

Yellowstone Fishing

A current Arizona state fishing license is required to fish in the park. To contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department for permits (on day non-resident License costs $17.25, five day license cost $32.00), call 602-942-3000. Licenses are also available at Babbitt’s General Store in Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim and at Marble Canyon Lodge. The best time of year to fish in the Park is in the fall and winter. Bright Angel Creek by Phantom Ranch permits unlimited trout, striped bass and catfish fishing. Getting down to the river at most spots is, however, an overnight affair, so acquiring a backcountry camping permit in tandem with a fishing license is also encouraged.

Grand Canyon was once home to eight native fish species, but only five are found in the park today. Two of the native species (Humpback chub and Razorback suckers) have been on the endangered list since 1967.

Native Fish Species

  • Humpback chub
  • Razorback sucker
  • Bluehead sucker
  • Fannelmouth sucker
  • Speckled dace
  • Colorado pikeminnow
  • Roundtail chub
  • Bonytail