Species of Vascular Plants
Species of Fungi
Species of Moss
Species of Lichen

Grand Canyon Flowers

The diversity of plants and vegetation within Grand Canyons National Park can be attributed the extremely varied terrain and climates that are exclusive to the region. With over 8,000 ft. elevation from the River to the highest point on the North Rim, there is a great variety of high and low altitude plants, as well as varied desert and river species.

In the park, there are approximately:

1,737 known species of vascular plants

167 species of fungi

64 species of moss

195 species of lichen

found in Grand Canyon National Park. Warmer all year round than the North and South Rim, the flora communities of the River boast rare plants such as the white-flowering redbud tree, stream orchid, and McDougall’s flaveria.

In the intermediate elevations, mesquite, sagebrush and ocotillo are common. At around 6000 feet, juniper forests come in to abundance, and by 8000 feet, vast Ponderosa Pines intermingle with Mountain Mahogany and Gambel Oaks.

Specific to the North Rim are also populations of sub-alpine grasses, including blue and black grama, big galleta and Indian Ricegrass.