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Grand Canyon Lodging

Yellowstone Lodging

Bright Angel Lodge

At the south rim, there is a variety of popular lodges, which should be booked well in advance (+1 928 638-2631) The Bright Angel Lodge is a rustic collection of cabins and lodge rooms, nestled mere feet from the edge of the canyon. Some rooms have a shared bathroom, and only the cabins have television. Open all year. $79-$90 for a standard room, $111-$174 for a cabin, $138-$333 for a suite (2010 rates).

The El Tovar Hotel

The El Tovar Hotel is open year-round, and though historic in that is was built in 1905, was renovated recently on 2005. The finest accommodations on the South Rim, offering dining room, cable TV and full-bath. Many offer Canyon views. $174-$268 for a standard room, $321-426 for a suite (2010 rates).

Kachina Lodge

Kachina Lodge is open year round with a family friendly, full amenity service. Most rooms have Canyon view. $170-$180 for a standard room (2010 rates). Slightly removed from the rim area is the Maswik Lodge, with large family rooms and cabin rooms open in the summer. All rooms offer full bath. Open year round. $90 for cabins and South rooms, $170 for North rooms (2010 rates).

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge was built in the 60s and offers a very family-oriented experience. Rooms with full amenities and views of the Canyons. $170-$180 for a standard room (2010 rates).

Yavapai Lodge

Yavapai Lodge. Gigantic Hotel with over 300 rooms, with the eastern sections 198 rooms coming with air conditioning, while the 160 western rooms do not offer air-conditioning. Open all year, $107 for a West room, $153 for an East room (2010 rates).

Grand Canyon Lodge

On the North Rim, there is only one place for accommodation, The Grand Canyon Lodge, +1 888-297-2757, is a mixture of Motel style rooms and cabins. The lodge is open from May 15th to Oct 15th. The lodge is within walking distance of the rim, while some cabins are located along the rim. All lodging offers private bathrooms. $113 for a standard room, $115 – $182 for a cabin (2010 rates).

Phantom Ranch

In the Canyon its self, there is the Phantom Ranch, located right on the Colorado River. It is accessible by foot, mule or raft. Cabins and dormitories make up the living arrangements, with a full dining hall. As no cocking is allowed in the rooms, it is advised that you reserve meals ahead. $41.63 per person for a dorm bed (2010 rate).