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Grand Canyon National Park Weather


Winter in Grand Canyon National Park begins by November, and is in full swing by December. Snow and icy roads are not uncommon. Low temperatures on the rim can drop to the teens, while daytime highs remain in the 40’s because of frequent sunshine. As always, the river remains warmer than the Rim, with temperatures in the 30s-40s. Snow accumulation averages anywhere between 50 and 100 inches on the rim.


By mid-April, winter weather starts to yield to warmer temperatures. By May, temperatures average in the 50s-60s on the rim, though sudden snow showers are not unusual. Spring is usually breezy and dry, and by June, temperatures can near 80 degrees.


Weather differs between the South Rim (7000 feet) and the North Rim (8000 feet), with the North rim being typically cooler due to the difference in elevation. Though Days may be warm, nights can drop down to the 40s and 50s.Summer thunderstorms, resulting in flooding, lightening and torrential rains are frequent throughout the months of June, July and August. At the height of summer, the bottom of the canyon can be as hot as 105 degrees.


Temperatures cool of from the summer heat. Temperatures average near %0 degrees on both rims; with near freezing temperatures on the rim at night, while along the river, temperatures stay warm, near 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer rains tend to diminish, although there can be the occasional rain or snow flurry.