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Smoky Mountains Hiking

Easy Hikes

Laurel Falls Trail

2.3 miles


314 feet of elevation gain

Directions: A perfect hike for children, though there are some steep drop-offs at times, the tranquil 60 ft. falls are well worth the effort.

Grotto Falls

2.6 miles


450 feet of elevation gain

Directions: The climb up to Grotto Falls is along a well-worn path, and the 25-foot waterfall is a pleasant finish to the climb.

Moderate Hikes:

Alum Cave Trail

4.4 miles


1,125 feet of elevation gain

Directions: Trail ascends through jagged rock formations, with the final push to the cave(about 80 ft. high and 500 feet. long) aided by steps and cables.

 Chimney Tops Trails

4 miles


1,350 feet elevation gain

Directions: While the first part of the trail follows a meandering path over streams and bridges, the last half-mile climb is steeper with a dramatic scramble up to the panoramic ridge, with fantastic views of Mt. LeConte and Mt. Kephart.

Rainbow Falls Trail

5.4 miles


624 feet elevation gain

Directions: This hike starts off with a climb through boulder fields, then transitions to riverside hikes over footbridges, before finally arriving at the 80 ft. tall falls, the largest in the park.

Strenuous Hikes:

Charlies Bunion Trail

8.1 miles


1,640 feet of elevation gain

Directions: A steep hike for 3.5 miles, after which you arrive at a traverse snaking through steep drop-offs, and a magnificent rock protrusion highlighting the amazing views of Mt. Kephart and Mt. Guyot.

Mt. LeConte (via Alum Cave)

11 miles


2,763 feet of elevation gain

Directions: Continuing past Alum Cave, the hike to the summit follows many rock ledges (aided by cable hand rails), arriving at the 360 degree view from Myrtle Point at 6563 ft.

Additional Hiking Info:

Permit Fees for Backcountry

For backpackers. Requires hiking several miles to a site located in the park’s backcountry. Permit required, available at most ranger stations and visitor centers. Any camping must be done in a designated site or shelter. To reserve a site or shelter, call 1-865-436-1297.