Average Temp During Winter
Average Temp During Spring
Average Temp During Summer
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Smoky Mountain National Park Weather


Winter tends to be very moderate, though at high altitudes, weather can be more extreme. It is not uncommon for temperatures at low elevations to be in the 50s, while nights at high altitudes can plummet to around -20ºF. Snow accumulation is rarely more than an inch at low elevations, while at high altitudes, more than 2 feet can be delivered in a single storm.


Weather is unpredictable, from blue skies to snow flurries. Temperatures in the lower elevations during March average 61ºF-high and 42ºF-low. By April, teaperatures can rise into the 80s, with about 4 inches of rain accumulating during the month. May is slightly warmer than april, with about the same amount of precipitation.


Summer in the Smokies means heat, haze, humidity and the occasional afternoon showers and thunderstorms. At lower elevation, temperatures peak 90ºF, with lows in the 60s and 70s. At higher elevations however, cool winds and milder temperatures prevail throughout.


The most beautiful time in the park, as warm days (70-80ºF) and cool nights (40-50ºF) bring out auburn, yellow and reds leaves on the forest trees. First frost usually occurs in late September, when temperatures average just over 60ºF, and by November, nights can be below freezing. This is the driest period of the year.