Getting to Yellowstone National Park

Getting to Yellowstone requires a certain amount of forward thinking. There are no airports inside Yellowstone, so most visitors fly into to larger surrounding towns of Salt Lake City, UT (390 miles away), Jackson, WY(56 miles away), Billings, MT(129 miles away) or Bozeman, MT(87 miles away).

Car is by far the easiest way to see the park’s spread out attractions; there are major rental companies at all airports in the region. There is also a greyhound service between Bozeman, Livingston and West Yellowstone, as well as Jackson, WY.

There are five major entrances to the park: from the north via Gardiner on US 89 or via Silver Gate and Cooke City on US 212, from the west via West Yellowstone on US 20, from the south via Jackson and US 89 and from the east via Cody on US 16. Though bicycles are permitted on the roads, the narrow lanes may not be conducive to many bikers needs.

Yellowstone Contact Info


P.O. Box 168
WY 82190-0168



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Driving Directions to Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park can be found in the western states, spanning three different states – Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The visitor center is located at the lat/lon of 44.766607, -110.2340824. The most common access point is from the south using either US-20 (Grand Loop Road which is closed during winters), or US-16 (E Entrance Road which is also closed during winters). By now, a theme should be emerging: accessing Yellowstone in the winter can be difficult. For those coming in from the north side of the park, US-89 (Grand Loop Road which is closed December to April), and US-212 (NE Entrance Road) are the preferred options.