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Yellowstone Animals

Animals Found in Yellowstone National Park

For those interested in Yellowstone wildlife, head to the Madison Area, Hayden Valley or the Tower Falls/ Roosevelt areas. Here, visitors can witness the incredibly close-up experience of buffalo herds passing in front of their cars, herds of elk migrating across verdant plains, and in the spring-time, bears fishing in rivers teeming full of trout. For those wishing to explore more natural wonders, the West Thumb Geyser Basin, Grand Canyon, Mammoth and Mount Washburn areas are full of natural wonders ready to be photographed.

Attractions are never far in Yellowstone. With an incredibly diverse list of activities and sights to enjoy; from bird watching to strolling the boardwalks of the West Thumb basin, and watching buffalo roam to boating on the massive Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone is the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts. With such a varied climate, a massive variety of plants and trees grow in many different ecosystems, and animals roam throughout both the wilderness and local towns. In Yellowstone, the lines between nature and civilization are rarely defined.

Take Heed

Animals within Yellowstone roam freely. Drive slowly, as buffalo commonly stroll over highways, and do not bother animals, even those that may be seen in urban areas. Its not uncommon to witness wolves feasting on a fresh kill within view of the road. These scenes are often followed by caravans of cars and visitors with cameras and tripods in tow. Please keep your distance for your safety, and out of respect for the animals.