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Falcons, Eagles, Ospreys in Yellowstone

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With an incredibly varied terrain from which to view birds, visitors to Yellowstone National Park will surely be satisfied with the variety of rare and fabulous birds that roost in and travel through Yellowstone.

As of 2011, approximately 330 species of birds have been sighted in the Yellowstone National Park, with approximately 150 of these species nesting in the park. Many of these species are protected, endangered or rare birds, ranging from wetland roosters to highland raptors. Wetland bird species like the Harlequin Duck, whooping Cranes and Trumpeter Swans are imperiled to certain degrees, with the trumpeter swans nearing extinction in 1900. Today, fewer than a dozen swans live in the park year round, although their populations are extensively cared for and tracked. The whooping crane is another endangered species that makes its home in Yellowstone, and it is without question one of the most spectacular species of crane in the world.

As for raptors, more than a dozen species can be found in the park, including peregrine falcons, golden eagles, bald eagles and ospreys. Both Ospreys and Peregrine Falcons have faced population deficits over the last 80 years with the introduction of potent pesticides into farming. Both species are still closely monitored. Perhaps the most emblematic bird in America, the great Bald Eagle also makes its home in Yellowstone, with population numbers on the rise since it was taken of the endangered species list in 2007.

Most notable Bird Species found in Yellowstone:

  • Peregrine Falcons

  • Golden Eagles

  • Bald Eagles

  • Ospreys

  • Harlequin Duck

  • Whooping Cranes

  • Trumpeter Swans

  • Wetland Roosters

  • And hundreds more