The Utah chub (Gila atraria) is a cyprinid fish native to western North America, where it is abundant in the upper Snake River and throughout the Lake Bonneville basin.

This chub generally follows the cyprinid body plan. Its dorsal fin lies directly over the pelvic fins, and usually has nine rays. Coloration is rather variable; the back is usually a metallic or olive green ranging to nearly black, and sometimes with a bluish shade, while the sides are silvery, brassy, or golden. Males have somewhat more of a golden look, especially during breeding season, often including a narrow golden stripe along the upper side. Fin colors include dull olive, yellow, and golden shades. It has been recorded in Bear Lakeat up to 56 cm in length and 1.5 kg weight, but 40 cm is more typical, and in many areas 15–20 cm is the norm.

Ref: Utah Chub