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What is Yellowstone?

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Yellowstone National Park is the 4th most visited U.S national park, with 3,394,326 visitors annually. It’s also the 4th largest park in the nation with 2,219,791 acres.

Made famous by the visits of Theodore Roosevelt, Yellowstone still rightfully boasts its place among the worlds most beautiful natural wonders. With an incredible history dating back hundreds of millions of years, the park that has inspired generations of visitors, both ancient and recent, is the complete experience for visitors of all styles.


With perhaps North America’s best platform from which to view wildlife, as well as owning perhaps the worlds most spectacular array of geothermal pools, Yellowstone still has adventures yet untapped. Upon arrival at the park, visitors are almost guaranteed to be held up in stop-and-go traffic , as herds of massive buffalo (2,000 lbs!!) rumbles across the freeway, and bears fish patiently from icy streams. Buffalo and bears may dominate the scenery, but for those making the effort to visit off the beaten track, sightings of wolves, moose and various eagles are not uncommon.


For plant and flower enthusiasts, elevations ranging from 7,000 to 10,500 feet offers an incredible array of plants and trees. If the hordes of majestically wild animals and fields of springtime flowers don’t leave you speechless, the incredibly vivid colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring and the towering geyser of Old Faithful most certainly will.

What To See

Follow these famous marvels up with a visit to the otherworldly, tiered pools of Mammoth Springs, where millions of years of calcification have turned the earth into a gorgeous landscape of steaming terraces. With hundreds of thermal vents and pools throughout the park, most connected by steaming boardwalks, Yellowstone will surely be a visit of lasting memories. For those looking to make their visit into a multi-day affair., ample camping and hotel accommodation of all styles is available throughout the year.


Camping throughout Yellowstone’s backcountry is endless in its opportunity, with some visitors more likely to see bears than other hikers. Easy to access through a number of entrances, Yellowstone is truly one of Americas greatest natural sights.